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Welcome to Let's Sing Academy

About Let's Sing Academy

Let's Sing Academy is a singing school and community music project run by vocal coach Eleanor Mottershead.

Founded in 2016, Eleanor wanted to create fun, sociable and accessible singing groups that everybody in the community could be a part of.

Let's Sing now hosts an array of groups in Glossop and Audenshaw, as well as private tuition.

About Let's Sing

Let's Sing Academy aims to provide something for everyone. We have a range of classes suitable for different wants and needs and every member is treated as an individual to ensure they get the most out of their time with us.

Music - and singing in particular - has many positive effects on a person, whether taking part or just observing. All of the Let's Sing Academy classes have the shared objective of singing for pleasure and enjoyment.

As a community project, Let's Sing Academy aim to create a safe, friendly environment to encourage members to find their voice. All of the classes provide a positive boost to mental health and we have taken inspiration from the Five Ways To Well-being guideline when planning the structure and delivery of the sessions:

  • Working in a group means that we can connect with one another. Singing in a group can make us feel closer together and build strong friendships which can support and enrich our lives - both inside and outside of Let’s Sing!
  • We are able to be active within our rehearsals. Making sure that the body is warm and free of any tension is a very important part of our warm-ups. Good posture is encouraged whilst singing which is something that can be taken into everyday life to help members feel and appear more confident, whilst supporting different parts of the body.
  • Within the groups, we encourage everybody to take notice of the fabulous sounds being produced - whether in rehearsals or supporting the other groups at performances. It is important to savour the moment and take time to appreciate the work that everybody has put in.
  • In all the groups, all members are offered the opportunity to keep learning. Whether that is trying new techniques to help hold longer notes; exploring exciting harmonies; or singing songs we’d never heard of before Let’s Sing - new skills can be learnt and developed regardless of previous knowledge and experience.
  • As a group, we have supported many charities by performing at fundraisers. Being able to give something to these organisations is very rewarding for all and a privilege to be a part of.

 As a singing school, we aim to provide members with the best vocal training to ensure they are comfortable using their voices and realise that they can sing! Our director Eleanor has trained and attended courses with some of the best singing education providers in the country, gaining knowledge about many different vocal techniques, learning processes and teaching strategies. This means that we are able to host the variety of groups that we do and means they are all able to achieve success in their own way.